March 16th, 2020

To our valued Kelleher Ford Sales Dauphin customers:

The world is grappling with a health issue of enormous scale that is potentially impacting every part of our daily lives. It is hard to fully comprehend the level of uncertainty we are seeing in our communities right now about how COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will impact families, friends, and the community members we serve (and are served by).

We deeply care for all of those affected.

We are closely monitoring the situation. In the meantime, we are taking additional precautions, beyond our normal daily practices, to ensure our dealership and body shop are prepared to serve our customers, with the extra care and attention that is warranted during this time. Some of these steps are noted below for your information.

1. Extra cleaning, washing and sanitizing are being mandated and practiced at all locations.
2. We are proceeding with an abundance of caution to ensure healthy staff at all times. We have mandated to all of our staff who are feeling ill with symptoms relevant to COVID19 to refrain from coming to work. We respectfully ask our customers to do the same. If a customer displays symptoms of COVID19 while at Kelleher Ford Sales Dauphin, we respectfully may ask to arrange for the customer to be taken home. We would be happy to assist you in finding alternate methods of doing business with us.
3. We have eliminated any unnecessary ‘touch’ surfaces, mandating that all brochures, reading literature have been moved behind counters.
4. We are ensuring that our chairs and customer beverage supplies in the customer waiting area be wiped down on a regular basis.
We will continue to monitor and adjust our response based on the most current information available. We will continue to serve our communities to the best of our ability – and will err on the side of caution when the path is not clear. We will draw upon our values, experience, and the expertise of government agencies and scientific advice as we navigate this challenging time.

The health and well-being of our customers and staff is vital to our existence. That will always be the primary consideration in all decisions and actions moving forward.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. We will do our best and will continue to serve our customers.


Chuck Burton
General Manager

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